There are very few in this world who have the pleasure of saying that they were featured on MTV.  Even fewer people can say they are part of a movement and innovating the whole journey, but Sazon Booya can say both of these statements proudly.  Their documentary about moombahton, their backgrounds as artists, and the progression of their career as a duo.  The mere fact that MTV chose our favorite hometown heroes (for those of us lucky enough to call Manhattan home, of course) and that their raw talent is being recognized on a mainstream level is a huge accomplishment.  Furthermore, the video is accompanied by the highly anticipated release of the Oye Mami EP.  The four-track project consists of two original tracks; title track “Oye Mami” and “El Pollo”, both of which are latin-infused moombah tracks that any music lover or any background won’t be able to resist swinging their hips to, old and young alike.  “Un Aplaudo de Mano” with Valentino Khan & DJ Comrade is a huge moombahton track with a relentless bassline and looping synths that will perk up any gathering, large or small.  Finishing out the EP is “Major Booyahton” with Mad Major Melvin.  If you’re an avid moombahton fan like myself, you will probably recognize this one (and a stem or two), as its been cranking out in live sets for a while.

We’d like to say CONGRATS to the guys of Sazon (including Mystereo) as today is a huge day for them.  We send our best and know they will continue to push electronically produced music and especially the moombahton scenes to the world in their unique, innovative, and fun fashion that we love them for.

Listen / Download : Oye Mami EP – Sazon Booya

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