Burston has released some of my favorite jackin’ house tracks this year. His entire SoundCloud is overflowing with banger after banger of energetic jackin’ house all up for free download! His sound is a perfect blend of the dark side of deep house with the hyphy side of bassline/jackin’ house. Tracks such as “Wanna Freek You” and “Dumps Like A Truck” show him at his most gangster with a Jodeci and Sisqo sample’s respectively popping in and out over heavy basslines. Songs like “Swag On” show his skills while venturing into the realm of grime, with Scorpz spitting over an absolutely mental production from Burston.  “Hypnotized,” “It Is You,” and “We Go Deep” also highlight the young producers’ capacity to touch on more of an after-hours feel. The best part about it is: everything is FREE!

Burston’s music pulls influence from several genres, and his ability to make bumpin’-ass tracks no matter what shows his versatility. His production has continuously evolved, and with free downloads being released through his SoundCloud every other week, I highly suggest following this budding producer, as he’s on the brink of blowing up!

Download: Wanna Freek You – Burston

Download: Dumps Like A Truck – Burston

Download: Swag On Ft. Scorpz – Burston

Download: Hypnotized – Burston

Download: We Go Deep – Burston

Download: It Is You (Burston House Mix) – Sanna Hartfield

Burston on: Facebook / SoundCloud / Twiiter

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