If you missed the Bang EP, then your in for a treat because this new EP by Mr. Carmack sums up who he is in the best way possible.  He showed in the Bang EP how eclectic his style was, and he tells us his vision of the future through this Life/Death EP. He starts with “Death,” a rediculosly trill banger, to start, and “Throw Up” comes in as a laid back Dilla-esque track, as if to let you get the picture that the art of that is dying, and there’s a harsh realization to the fact that we need to get back to our roots. But the finisher “Life” showcases how adding the awesome implements of Trap into smooth sample based beats, creates an awesome breed of Future Trill or Sexy Swag. Or I’m just thinking too deeply. Either way this is amazing and there is no reason not to offer this man one dollar for this! Get it while it’s hot.

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