WHO’S READY FOR TRAPFEST!  We’re now less then two months away from this huge event!  If you’re just finding out about TRAPFEST for the first time, let me fill you in.  Bro Safari, ETC!ETC!, Luminox, Trapzillas and Beverly Trillz are taking over City Hall in Denver on St. Patrick’s Day for a night filled with the best in trap, bass and moombahton.  If you’re a fan of bass music you cannot miss this event.  Multiple stages in different rooms, big production and even bigger BASS!


If you don’t have a ticket yet, you might want to get some funds together because this event is going to go off.  Big thanks to Crowdsurf Concerts for putting together an unreal event like this.  We’ve also heard from Crowdsurf that there is potential for Trapfest to go on tour!  Trapfest might be appearing in your city in the near future!  Keep an eye out for more info as the event nears.  Until then, grab a ticket HERE and throw on some of your favorite moombahton and trap to get yourself pumped for this event!

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