The phrase “quality over quantity” gets tossed around a lot these days. With the mindset that “the more my name appears on the internet, the better,” we seem to be in a period of musical saturation: remix after remix, track after track, EP after EP… it never stops. That’s why we created The Dankles, so you, the listener, don’t have to follow the countless producers out there; we do that for you. But, once in a while, there’s a producer who is so far removed from our ADD culture that this beautiful disconnect penetrates his sound, career, and lifestyle and elevates his or her work to a point of esteem so much higher than would would ever expect.

As if he even needs an introduction, Portland-based Emancipator– real name Douglas Appling– holds a very special spot in electronic music. Since his debut LP, soon it will be cold enough, in 2006, he has released only one more album and three– count them: one, two, three– singles. And yet, he is one of the most respected producers in the game. If this doesn’t embody quality over quantity, then I’m not sure what does.

But, to our massive approval, Appling has been spending time in the studio and, for the first time since 2011’s remix “Elephant Survival,” we have new Emancipator. (On a side note, “Elephant Survival,” a reworking of Colorado folk group Elephant Revival, is one of my favorite songs of all time.) We received a taste of this LP earlier this month with the release of “Minor Cause”, but today Dusk to Dawn was released in its entirety. As with all of Emancipator’s work, this album is one of those releases where any attempt to articulate the intricacies of the sound would be wasted breath. You will see at the bottom of its Bandcamp page that dozens of other musicians collaborated with Appling to create Dusk to Dawn, which was released on his new label, Loci Records. Whether its the countless hand drums, didgeridoo, or occasional saxophone, these layers are recognizable from start to finish.

Without further adiue, take a listen below and show Emancipator some love with a $10 purchase.



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