deepcutsartworkDo you like booty-tech, deep house, or G-house? That nu-disco, jackin’ house, or tech house? If you said yes to any of these, then this is the post for you. Each week we will highlight our select favorite tracks spanning across all of electronic music’s darker cousins, showcasing free tracks, new releases, and some deep after-hour cuts “from the vaults”. This weeks post contains a bunch of free jackin’ and deep house tracks, new releases from Ejeca, Zuckre, and Nhan Solo, as well as three of the darkest productions in my library. So kick back, plug in the amps and enjoy the underground goodness.

P.S. In order to really appreciate the music below, you must play the songs through some quality speakers or headphones, computer speakers just can’t get deep enough!

What’s Free:

:: MojoFluxx ::

Download: No Illusion (MojoFluxx Vocal Mix) – ValVona

MojoFluxx on: Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

:: Brent Kilner ::

Download: Frozen – Brent Kilner

Brent Kilner on: Facebook / SoundCloud

:: Burston ::

Download: Footsteps On The Floor – Burston

Burston on Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

:: Leftwing & Kody ::

Download: Stone Cold – Leftwing & Kody

Leftwing on Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

Kody on Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

What’s New:

:: Ejeca ::

Purchase: Frequency EP – Ejeca

Ejeca on Facebook / SoundCloud

:: Zuckre ::

Purchase: I Need A Fix EP – Zuckre

Zuckre on Facebook / SoundCloud

:: Nhan Solo ::

Purchase: Nina Rocks EP – Nhan Solo

Nhan Solo on Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter


The After-hour Cuts:

:: Re Dupre & Dashdot ::

Purchase: Step Into My Mind – Re Dupre & Dashdot

Re Dupre on Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

Dashdot on Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

:: Max Chapman ::

Purchase: Harlot’s House (Max Chapman) – Raffa FL

Max Chapman on Facebook / SoundCloud

:: MANIK ::

Purchase: Streets Are Deep – MANIK

MANIK on Facebook / SoundCloud / Twitter

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