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Heston‘s newest album, the “Street Girl EP” was released today on Hendriks and Erik Christiansen‘s NastyFunk Records as the label’s first album of 2013. Staying true to the labels’ name and fame that saw NastyFunk blow up worldwide in 2012, this EP features two viciously dark and funky original tracks, as well as two equally good but vastly different remixes compliments of Brazilian NastyFunk members DJ Glen and Beep Dee.

The title track, “Street Girl,” sees veteran UK producer Heston team up with a new-comer out of Malaysia, RECovery to create an extremely powerful sound that is sure to fill dancefloors. Starting off with a menacing growling bass, the song progresses with eerie and dark vocal samples until finally exploding with a playful synth that further perpetuates the after-hours sound. I truly don’t think I even have another track in my library as deep as this song, and every time I’ve played it on a good set of speakers I’ve been absolutely blown away by its power (how much deeper can one go?). “Promise” then comes on next to lighten the mood…at least a little. This track lulls you in with atmospheric strings and chanting vocal samples, but then takes a turn to the dark side with rolling deep synths that only get more complex throughout the full-length track. Next up is DJ Glen‘s remix of “Street Girl,” which sees him taking the original and completely transforming it into a more 808-heavy track that I would describe as an odd, but wonderful fusion between elements of deep house and hip-hop production. Beep Dee‘s remix of the same track keeps the after-hours feel, but gives the track a more ambient and trippy vibe. Synth play is the highlight of this remix, with droning synths layered on top of bouncy ones that seem to fall apart and then put themselves back together harmoniously

All-in-all this album continues to show off NastyFunk’s amazing up-and-coming artists and signals great things for their sophomore year. Be sure to like Heston and NastyFunk on SoundCloud and Facebook for all the latest, funkiest, and nastiest updates, and buy the “Street Girl” EP exclusively on Beatport!

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