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401456_379149808761855_1263243158_nIt’s been a while since I’ve come across a producer like Massacooramaan with such a successful minimalistic approach to producing many types of sounds.  Whether a latino, cumbia track, trap bubblin’ or breakcore, it seems that Portland-based producer Dave Quam hits the mark.  Imagine a scientist studying whatever the subject may be and figuring out its essence,  extracting the essence and solely showcasing the most beautiful ingredients of that beloved nectar.  That is how I interpret Massacooramaan’s sounds, he takes the purest of each “sound” and showcases that, a fast drum roll, or a snare, no matter the material, he takes the simplest factor and lets it shine alone (instead of jam-packing tracks with unnecessary lazers and distracting basslines).

Listen : Cumbia Embotado – Massacooramaan 

Listen : Duppy Battle Track – Massacooramaan

Massacooramaan on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Nico Pusch

289963_459254867432417_1364095055_oMaybe its just today, but I’m in a mood where I’m appreciating only the  purest of sounds, nothing muddled, so I thought this may be the perfect occasion to introduce Nico Pusch.  A German-born producer, Nico has some serious talent, and has been messing around in this underground world of ours since he was a pre-pubescent boy living near the Baltic Sea.  As someone with very sensitive hearing, I pick up on the most random of all sounds that are naturally occurring and always imagine these sounds in songs.  Cue Nico and that’s pretty much what he does in some tracks, especially like “Airport” (below).  Pushing a minimalistic style as well, Nico blends house and disco with some classical sounds, like piano and winds (like flutes) samples to pull in a sense of tranquility.  He also lends his name to half of Cudder and Mulder, a new project alongside the talented Carlos Ruetz which is still in its formation / definition stage of development, so it will be an interesting ride in 2013 for Nico.

Listen / Download : Airport – Nico Pusch

Listen : Treibgut – Nico Pusch

Nico Pusch on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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