At many times through our investigative processes in the music-sphere, we find that many people overlook artists because of a deficiency in Facebook likes, Soundcloud followers, etc. Well we are here to tell you all to forget that bullsh*t and give every artist your ears, as you will be surprised what you find more often than not. In our most recent case, Milan-native Nobel, a man with a mere 360 some-odd likes on Facebook, has released quite the unorthodox 7 track EP, featuring remixes from Dankles favorite Krueger and newly found favorite Kozee. This EP titled “The Sound” is everything that we were looking forward towards in the development of the “underground” music scene, as it showcases every kind of mixture of trill, trap, booty bass, and future sounding beats you can imagine. This whole EP just makes you want to dance to some unheard of grooves, sounds, and melodies, so if that’s your jam, we suggest getting that free download asap!

Nobel on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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