world rulinSo we all know by now that Codes is a force to be reckoned with, and with this newest release, we’ll have to agree that this year, the world might be his.  The super talented producer from the City That Never Sleeps is an essential piece of the Slow Roast Records family (along with Craze, Kill The Noise, Brillz, and more…).  Known for his hypnotizing house sounds originally, Codes also does a lot of work in moombahton, and this World Rulin’ release is the perfect marriage of the two worlds.  Chopping up and giving Lauren Hill’s vocals from Nas’s “If I Ruled the World” a facelift, the track begins with a slower moombah vibe/pace and transitions to a housey feel almost without you noticing.  Anyone who can transition between these two worlds so seamlessly is an artist who works beyond the borders of the definitions of genres, and this is just one of the many attributes that sets Codes apart from the sea of other producers.

Listen / Download : World Rulin’ – Codes

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