If you haven’t heard of the Forward Thinking Sounds record label, then I suggest you visit their FB page immediately and give them a like, because the music they’ve been releasing recently has been worth every second of our listening. Being a record label dedicated to pushing modern sounds forward and past their boundaries, they have released a collection of outside-the-box and stereotype-bending songs, their latest being this mesmerizing and ambient dubstep original by Broken Lip. Featuring the beautiful vocals of Sarah Burns, the combination of her powerful, yet soft-spoken lyrics over the waves of low sub bass creates a really calming effect. As the song progresses however, it picks up momentum and turns into a rollercoaster dipping in and out of slow bass and soft drum n’ bass drum tops. This song is perfect for any time of the day for when you want things slow down, with its free availability only urging the necessity to download it even more.

Broken Lip on Facebook | Soundcloud
Sarah Burns on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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