Soulection is a crew who I would hope you are connected with already, due to the massive amount of heat they give to the ears of this planet. These guys are damn near the reason we have a genre called “Sexy Swag” here at The Dankles, as everything they have their hands in is some of the sexiest and swaggiest music you will ever get a hold of. This track via Insightful is one that holds the high standard of swag as well as sexiness from all of the previous producers who delve into the same realm as himself. The track was originally called “All Yours” by Submotion Orchestra but this re-fix of it is properly titled, as its as if there was some creepy guy tripping, found this track and fondled it to the point that this came out (not calling Insightful a trippy, creepy, old dude unless he wants to be).  The hits are all “off time” but all fall into place perfectly, leaving you able to knock, but still try and figure out how it is that your head is still bopping. As for the synths… I just can’t even, you just have to hear it, something reminiscent of 123MRK or Andrea. So, grab this free download as well as a bunch of other goodies from him in his “Fondle Package”  FOR FREE OFF HIS BANDCAMP HERE while its all up and safe travels through a very “insightful” journey.

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