Benoit & Sergio‘s highly anticipated debut EP with do-no-wrong label Hot Creations, the “Bridge So Far” EP came out today, continuing to build on the duo’s impressive catalogue of original dance-inducing tracks. Their highly charted “New Ships EP,” released on Visionquest Records only a few months ago, saw Benoit & Sergio venture into the deeper realms of house, with three extremely funky and trippy tracks produced with those after-hour crowds in mind. Their newest effort continues that successful sound, but with a more poppish and upbeat Hot Creations twist to it though.

“Bridge So Far” combines that indie-dance/pop feel that Benoit & Sergio are infamous for with an extremely catchy bassline that’s near impossible to not move to. The song has a soft and harmoniously echoed vocal sample that just screams of mainstream success, highlighting the duo’s cross-genre reach. This is a song that’s really just hard not to like, and it’s a perfect a-track to start off the EP.

Flipping over to the b-side, “$100 Bill” starts off heavy and strong with a vicious bass being introduced immediately. After a little build, a hypnotic vocal sample sneaks in and carries the track through to it’s explosive introduction of the deep synth. The sound here is really unique, riding the fence between nu-disco, deep tech house, and funk. This track contains more of that b-side after-hour type vibe, but somehow appeals to the indie-dance lovers as well.

This album is one of those special EP’s that have the ability to appeal to nearly everyone that remotely likes electronic music. Be sure to like Benoit & Sergio on Facebook and SoundCloud and purchase these dancefloor filling gems on Beatport!

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