Once in a blue moon do we find an artist or collection of artists that come together to create something more than just a song, EP, or album. It is in these rare times that musicians push the boundaries of stereotypical sounds or structure and create a piece of art, all for the greater enjoyment and understanding of their community. In one of my favorite finds to date, the Boulder-based group DYNOHUNTER released an 8 track EP entitled Pilgrimage, and it is truly an artistic voyage through the soundscapes of live instruments and electronic production. Consisting of 3 members: Clark Smith (saxophone/producer), Justin Ehmer (drummer/producer) and Frederick Reisen (bass), this power trio has really released an “LP” filled with a beautiful array of songs. The width of the group’s taste in electronic music is astounding, from Crossing the Bridge‘s electro bassline to Pilgrimage‘s dubstep breakdown to Directions‘s trap lullaby, and it is with the help of each member’s mastery of their instrument that their sound is allowed to break the mold of modern day music. This EP is for those looking to go on a journey unlike any other, so prepare for an adventure as you download this 8 song EP for free!

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