Missing out on new Waka Flocka is like missing the championship of any major sport. Everyone is gonna talk about it and you’ll feel like an ass when you miss out on those inside jokes about his ridiculous lines. The King of Hyphy teamed up with Lil Wayne on this one, along with the producer of the century in my book, Lex Luger. Per usual, Waka is as gully as the hardest of hard with this one, killing it with classic Flocka-flow, and he passes it off to Weezy who clearly is swagged out as always, just smoothly sifting over the beat, not going as H.A.M as usual, but getting the job done. However, there is never enough to say about the villain, Lex Luger. This beat is a classic much like many of his others, (his premiere hit was another Waka hit you may have heard “Hard in the Paint”) and this one left nothing behind. This guy is an innovator of all of the “Trap” music we hear today, creating the beat-style which so many have tried to emulate after him. Never gets enough credit but we’re just trying to say from The Dankles: “WE SEE YOU LEX!” This banger should be dropping soon on a mixtape near you, but in the meantime, give her a listen here!

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