550362_476234689109494_982702934_nSkream definitely steps out of his usual character in his newest track that he dropped on us late last night.  The British producer well known for being a key player in the development of dubstep transitions to a deep house, more calm feel with Kreepin’.  Sampling from the late and great Aaliyah, Skream lays down a dreamy and slower melody concentrated with a simple composition of soothing chord stabs on this track.  Keeping the lyrics in mind, this is actually a great song to creep to in the literal sense, well, maybe not “creep” but a perfect tune to turn on to “set the mood”.  With the track being such a drastic departure from the historial of productions that Skream has cooked up over the years, I can’t help but wonder what the next move will be from the mad hatter himself.

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