Kid Cedek (born Merchicedek Reyes) is killin’ it on this new remix of Team Jaguar’s “The Crew”.  Kid Cedek, a part of the ROT10 Musik family along side artists like Mr. Vega, ETC!ETC! and more.  More importantly though, Kid Cedek is keeping moombahton alive these days when the trap movement has taken over.  Not to discredit trap music, but it’s great to still hear fresh moombahton these days.  In this new remix, Kid Cedek brings the beat that everyone can groove to and splices in some heavier bass sounds here and there, making the perfect combination that’s dance floor ready!  Grab this new remix from Kid Cedek and tell him BIG UPS!

Download: The Crew (Kid Cedek Remix) – Team Jaguar
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/50lq.mp3]

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