Deep Cut Thursday

Do you like booty-tech, deep house, or G-house? That nu-disco, jackin’ house, or tech house? If you said yes to any of these, then Deep Cut Thursday’s is the post for you. Each week we will highlight our select favorite tracks spanning across all of electronic music’s darker cousins, showcasing free tracks, new releases, and some deep after-hour cuts “from the vaults”.

This week we got a free download for a G-house remix of Eazy-E’s “Cruisin’ In My 64” courtesy of Marco Darko & Yas (If you’re only going to listen to one song today, you should make it this one, a gangster house anthem to be released on LouLou Records in a few months), some jackin’ house from Billy Kenny, and a remix of Infinity Ink‘s “Infinity” by Squareheads. Also on the bill is some free tracks thanks to Low Steppa and Waifs & Strays, new EPs released by FreakmeDale Howard, and Friend Within, a compilation album from the Pets Recording crew, and some vicious deep tech cuts from Vitor Munho, Alfred Heinrich & Carlo Ruetz, and Pete Gooding!

As always, be sure to listen to this music through a good system or headphones!

What’s Free:

:: Marco Darko & Yas::

Download: All Good In The Hood (Darko & Yas Sleazy E Re-Work)

Marco Darko on Facebook | SoundCloud |Twitter

Yas on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Billy Kenny ::

Download: Romeo – Billy Kenny

Billy Kenny on SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Squareheads ::

Download: Infinity (Squareheads Reshuffle) – Infinity Ink

Squareheads on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Low Steppa ::

Download: Spiral – Low Steppa

Low Steppa on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Waifs & Strays ::

Download: Public (Waifs & Strays BeeBoy Remix) – Kelis

Waifs & Strays on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

What’s New:

:: Freakme ::

Purchase: Time Has Come EP – Freakme

Freakme on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Dale Howard ::

Purchase: Leave Me EP – Dale Howard

Dale Howard on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Pets Recordings ::

Purchase: Friends Will Carry You Home Too Part 1 Compilation Album – VA – Pets Recordings

Pets Recordings on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Friend Within ::

Purchase: The Game EP – Friend Within

Friend Within on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

The After-hour Cuts:

:: Vitor Munhoz ::

Purchase: Around Round & Around Again (Vitor Munhoz Remix) – Insect Elektrika

Vitor Munhoz on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Ashley Wild ::

Purchase: Riding In The Red – Ashley Wild

Ashley Wild on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

:: Alfred Heinrichs & Carlo Ruetz ::

Purchase: Sir Sinus – Alfred Heinrichs & Carlo Ruetz

Alfred Heinrichs on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Carlo Ruetz on Facebook | SoundCloud

:: Pete Gooding & Jonathan Cowan ::

Purchase: Limbo – Pete Gooding & Jonathan Cowan

Pete Gooding on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

Jonathan Cowan on Facebook | SoundCloud | Twitter

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