555867_10151076836381718_602750827_nThe Dankles first and foremost is a site where you can not only find music, videos, interviews, and event info on the freshest musical artists out there today, but is also dedicated to spotlighting up and coming talent that we feel deserve a shout. Every Friday, we will be delivering our Fresh Pickn’s of the week with hopes that this start can help you spread your name. So please, if you, your friends, your neighbor, your local dealer, or your 7th grade Science teacher has any music they’ve created that you think we should put on the site; then please feel free to get at us via Facebook, Twitter, or email (thedanklesblog@gmail.com) with your track(s) and links to your social media page(s) along with photo so we can give you a shout!

Peking duK


Peking duK won me over with their video for their track “The Way You Are” when a friend shared it a few days ago.  The duo hails from Canberra, Australia, which is pretty close to the city of Sydney and they’ve been working in electronically produced music for about two years.  The track is a disco, funk throwback packed with lots of electric guitar samples that provide a lush melody and that open high-hat on the off beat pattern that makes it irresistible not to clap to.  And if short shorts, riding bikes, smoking cigs, sneaking into pools and being carefree in love (probably with someone who is completely wrong for you) doesn’t describe your summer nights between the ages of 15-18 then you were robbed a childhood, so let Peking duK take you back.

Peking Duk on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


Dauwd FPF 2.8.13

Since I’ve been on this minimalistic kick before the New Year rang in, I was introduced to Liverpool-based producer, Dauwd.  He’s based his methodology of production around a simple concept, “make a noise, make it my noise, then give it some rhythm”, which is such a basic principle that I only WISH all producers took into consideration (unfortunately, they don’t, and we live in a repetitive and imitation filled world).  Dauwd builds a level of complexity in his tracks through a plethora of simple samples stemming from sources all over the world and mixing them with vocals and multi-timbred synths to create a soothing canvas to work from.  His compositions build warm energy that provokes peace, and are definitely unusual within the dance music community.

Listen : And – Dauwd

Listen : Whats There – Dauwd

Dauwd on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud


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