With the winter settling in I know there has to be a handful of you readers out there yearning every day to get back to the playa this summer. For all our Burning Man fans out there we have a pipping hot compilation of bass heavy tracks from Camp ?, one of the many fines camps that set up a temporary home out in the dusty flats each summer. Knowing that making the trip down to Black Rock City isn’t cheap Camp ? is taking a little bit of a different approach to funding their time down there this year! In order to raise funds for lightning and sound systems, stage set up, and not to mention all the hands needed to put all this together they have put forth ‘The Campilation’. The release of this compilation project represents a new way to both build and grow. As we already mentioned all proceeds from this compilation are going toward the Camp Questionmark non-profit community. Not only does Camp ? have a prosperous outlook on how they construct their camp but they also boast a heavy hitting lineup of artists. Tucked up in this Campilation we are hit with some bass flavors from more well known producers such as Minnesota, Love & Light, Sugarpill, ChrisB., 2Nutz, and ill.Gates While some other favorite producers of ours, Taso, Trevor Kelly, Stylust Beats, G Jones, Kll Smith, and indaskyes also get a little hand in on the madness. Be sure to give this whole release some ears and toss these guys a little somethin’ somethin’ to make everyones time in Black Rock that much more enjoyable come this summer!


Get the whole CAMPILATION here

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