the originalz daft punk

What we have right here is an extra special treat for you guys! Unless you have been living under a rock the past month you have heard some fleeting rumors of new Daft Punk material or seen some botched festival line up with the ever mysterious electronic icons stenciled in there but we have yet to see anything official from their end aside from an album announcement. To tide everyone over until we see anything more leak from their end of things The OriGinALz decided to float us this little rework they just finished up and we can’t be more than happy to be the ones to bring it to everyones attention! If you missed out a few months back we debuted The OriGinALz first EP ‘Anthropomorphous’ along with a little Q & A with the guys to introduce you all a bit, if you happened to miss out on that check it out here. It’s not every day producers take on the likes of Daft Punk to remix, but when they do take it upon themselves and do a great job at that it’s so satisfying. Get this baby blasting through some good subs definitely and get the full breadth of sound The OriGinALz packed into this remix.


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