A while back, when moombahton was still growing at an exponential rate of awesomeness, I took noticed to a couple of producers, Nymz and KillaGraham.  Individually they both made excellent tunes and eventually they even collaborated for a track called, “Bolas”.  Soon after they released this tune, Milo & Otis was formed and since then we’ve been lucky enough to hear some of the best moombahton in the game thanks to these two.  They’ve been quiet for a while, but now they’ve finally unleashed their newest offering, The Memebahton EP.

If you’ve been on the internet once or twice since it’s exsistence there is likely a chance that you’ve seen a meme.  Maybe you didn’t know it, but oh well, I guess you’re not a true internet fans.  Anyways, Milo & Otis appear to be big fans of the meme world.  While meme’s and music doesn’t really corellate, this EP will stand just fine on its own.  All three tracks are thumping, excellent, dance-floor ready tunes that pack a punch.  If you call yourself a fan of moombahton, you’d be a fool to miss this EP!

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