Odd Furniture EP

Making a name for one’s self in any professional setting can be a challenge in this day and age, especially with our society having access to more information faster than any previous generation. The music industry is no different: at its core are the artists who strive to obtain name recognition and to build a fan-base, producing music only with the aspirations that their work will become the “it” thing everyone talks about. Some artists seem to know no end in the limits to their production, as they continuously churn out tunes that dabble in the latest and catchiest genres, proving both their skills and ability to stay “current”. Others, however, take the traditional route of working on tracks at great length to produce an album of pure class, and it is albums such as this that will soon be making waves in the music world. One of these artists, no stranger to the spotlight, will soon have it cast down upon him once again.

Ask anyone about the biggest remix of Kanye Wests‘s “Mercy”, and you’ll probably receive a reply involving RL Grime or in some cases “What remix? Isn’t that the original song?” But there is a second genius who applied a masterstroke to said tune, and he goes by the name of Salva. Not one to be in headlines or whore himself over social media platforms, this former Windy City transplant has crafted a certain style of music that performs all the talking for him. Case in point, his newly-released solo project Odd Furniture. Delivering the first snippet a few weeks ago, “Drop That B” showcases a cleverly repetitive vocal sample with subtle amounts of bass to wet one’s appetite for more. “Rest In 3-Piece” has a smooth beginning that is interchanged only with hyper-driven snares and kickdrums at multiple times, keeping your head in constant movement. My two favorites are “Get A Life” and “BBQ.” Their construction is reminiscent of my new found affection for the Dirtybird crew, featuring a juke/house beat that doubles down when the bass drops.

Though this EP’s release date is slated for February 12th, Friends of Friends were nice enough to offer an exclusive early digital download on their BandCamp for the low price of $5. For those bound to harp about the fee, support this album knowing it will further enhance your musical knowledge! Enjoy mes Amis.


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