When you hear the voice of Morgan Freeman, don’t you get a little depressed that you were never gifted with an epic voice that is recognized world-wide?  Having an epic deep voice is the epitome of manliness, and in this new tune from Real Magic, the sole producer, Drew Englander, shows off his epic deep voice.

Real Magic is a solo producer, hailing from California, and making some excellent chill wave/electronic tracks.  Whatever you’d like to call them they’re straight up great pop tunes with tinges of electronic synths to bring it all together.  Real Magic’s newest tune “The Trance” starts off with some big haunting synths that turn into a rather uplifting melody, but as I said, it’s really the vocals that make this track.  If you dig this, Real Magic’s SoundCloud has numerous tracks that are equally as good.  Also, look out for Real Magic’s debut album, Deep Breathing, out March 12th via HUG Records.

Download: The Trance – Real Magic
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/51i4.mp3]

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