It isn’t everyday that you stumble upon a duo like Dysphemic & Miss Eliza. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia this duo is about to be breaking some major barriers in the realms of IDM. Fusing the arts of electronic music with the whimsical stylings of Miss Eliza’s violin they are coming forth with a sound that is almost entirely their own. We just so happened to have the opportunity to chat these two up as 2013 starts rolling to pick their brains a bit and see what they’re all about. Now take a moment to delve into the minds of these two talented musicians and get a little flavor of their music at the same time.

TD: Plain and simple to get things rolling, can you tell us a little about yourselves (Name, age, where you’re from, etc) to familiarize the unknowing viewers out there?
D:What up! I’m Dysphemic, I’m a producer/rapper/sloth. I like coffee, cocktails and the occasional fat beat in yo brain fool!
E: Hello everybody, I’m Miss Eliza. I write, play violin and pretend to sing in my band. Filipino reprazent! and I like imaginating and IDM drums J

TD: How did you two wind up getting into the music scene in the first place? This isn’t your first project is it?
I come from a family of musicians/artists. I used to play drums in bands when I was young. My older brother is a hardcore techno producer. It was him that really influenced me into getting into the electronic scene. He mentored me when I was a teenager and still is a big inspiration to me.
E: Well my dad is a super fabulous maestro/violinist/teacher man so I’ve been a classical violinist since I was a tiny little baby.  You know those Asian kids that work really really hard and do nothing but that one thing?  Thas me!  Total one trick pony – it’s all I do and all I know.  I spent all of my childhood and teen years practicing, competing then touring as a soloist.  Fast forward – I started featuring/collaborating with producers, dj’s etc etc and PA-CHOW! D&E were born lalalala!

TD: What about joining forces to produce, how’d that come about?
E: I can’t remember exactly….  We were all boyfriend/girlfriend but the process wasn’t exactly symbiotic.  I remember I kept telling Dys, “coooome ooon! Let’s write tuuuunes!” and he kept saying ‘no!’  Then one day I think we were all drunk and skint and bored at home and I started writing a little song on the piano and voila!  Our first track was born


TD: What kind of influences pushed you guys towards producing the kind of tunes you do today?
80’s computer game music and hip hop(boom bap) are my biggest influences. I used to write a lot of sample based hip hop. For me working with Eliza, I use similar methods except this is on another level working with a real live musician. I mean dude, I have a prodigy violinist in my booth when I record now, and it’ absolutely mental! I am very lucky.
E: Well obviously my classical violin background and my dangerous love for electronica

TD: What would you say is your guys’ goal ultimately when pushing out these tunes and sharing them with the world?
The eternal quest to find the ultimate fatness.
E: Everyone have fuuuun!  Not trying to change the world or anything, just blast some quality tunes.  We just want to write and perform and tour and get really loose in airports and/or planes.  Best.  Job. EVER!


TD: Having just dove in to 2013 what are your plans for the upcoming months?
D/E: The Synthetic Symphony Tours kicks off in Australia (February – April), then America (May – July) and Europe (August), and we just plan on writing more tunes, chillin’ with the familia and just basically having a fly time baby.

TD: We just saw the release of ‘Synthetic Symphony’ from you guys to kick off the New Year, how did this record come about in the first place?
Eliza was doing a series of music workshops for kids in public libraries.  I was watching her when she played ‘Hungarian dance’ – I thought god damn that would make a sick remix! Then it was on!!
E: Nah man!  It was all kinda oppsy daisy/just doing whatever.

TD: You guys are coming into the scene with a style that is totally unique and your own; was this your plan of attack from the start?
D: Not at all. Our style was never planned, it’s the combination of both our musical skills, influences and different backgrounds that automatically made our sound unique.

TD: If you could choose one producer to work with on a track with whom would it be?
D/E: John Barry. So ridiculously large.

TD: This has become a pretty standard question of ours, what kind of equipment/software do you sit down with to produce in the studio? What about in a live show setting?
D: Cubase in the studio, Ableton for Live shows.
E: Studio – my violin.  Shows – acoustic violin, Line 6 wireless transmitter and Barcus berry 3100 violin pickup

TD: When you aren’t making crafting new tracks what are a couple things you two might be found doing in your spare time?
I get drunk homie
E: play with my dog (babyluv), eat lollies (party mix) smiling.

Last time out of the country?
D/E: Nov 2012 doing our debut American Tour.

Last time you attended a show you didn’t play?
D: I saw Babyluv spin some Miami bass at ‘Pets R Us’. Savage.
E: Last night.  Cousin time disco disco at Laundry.

Last time eating something unusual?
D: You don’t wanna know. Seriously
E: E-ve-ry-day yo!

Last CD/vinyl you bought?
D/E: A guy in Hollywood sold us his rap cd. Turned out to be a blank disc. And when I searched him up, he wasn’t even the rapper he claimed to be! What a hustle!

Last track you listened to?
D/E: Krs One- Step into a world

Last impressive music video you watched?
D: r.a.e.d – gotta love this city. This guy is magic in front of a camera!
E: Diamonds by Rhianna – yummy!

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