Over the past year or so, I’ve been keeping up with San Francisco artist, Giraffage.  In this past year, Charlie Yin has released numerous remixes and originals all packed with unmatched emotion and creativity.  The trill lo-fi sounds and oozing soundscapes shaped Giraffage’s sound that only a few have been able to replicate since.  If you’re a fan of Giraffage ,you must know of Blackbird Blackbird, XXYYXX, TWOS and Andrea among others that give off the same emotion and create the same feelings that Giraffage expresses through his music (you might remember Giraffage’s collaboration with XXYYXX on “Even Though”).  The few that excel in this strange middle-ground of a genre are some of my favorites, so I’m extremely excited to finally have my hands on Needs.  Charlie Yin posted on his Facebook a couple days ago stating that he’s been through the best and worst times of his life while writing this record, obviously this work is one of his largest and most fulfilling yet.

Today marked the release of Giraffage’s, Needs, released via Alpha Pup records.  Of the nine tracks that are featured on Needs, we’ve heard two of these before.  Arguably a couple of the best tunes on the record, “Feels” and “Money” were released prior to the LP release.  “Feels” a sample based tune captures trill feel of the track with an emotional down-pitched vocal sample.  One of the most upbeat tracks on the record, “Money” gives the listener an instrumental hip-hop feel but lined with the chillwave sounds that we know Giraffage for.  On tracks like “Thinking About You”, “Home”, “Undress U” all have a running theme of a R&B vocal sample, which most are pitched down, and sound amazing.  “All That Matters” and the final track on the release, “Before” are a couple my personal favorites on the album.  “Before” brings a techno feel to the plate while not overwhelming the listener.  Big ups to Giraffage on this release, every track is worth the time to listen, find all nine tracks for free download below!


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