Why is it that Australian’s have the upper-hand when it comes to producing great music?  Maybe we’ve just started to notice now, and they’ve been going at it for a while now.  Either way, this Aussie, Light Year, has been killing it as of late.  This new (but really older) tune might sound familiar to Light Year fans.  Light Year posted this track a couple of days ago and remarked that he made this track soon after releasing “Moderation” over year ago.

Light Year goes on to say that he felt the vibe and sounds on “Want You” sounded too similar to “Moderation” to release, and therefore he’s releasing it for free.  We can’t thank Light Year enough, this new tune bumps, but yes it does sound similar to “Moderation”, think of it as like a VIP edit.  This Assuie gives you a simple house track with a distant vocal sample and some huge basslines on top!  Grab this download and thank Jordan from LY!

Download: Want You – Light Year
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/51oq.mp3]

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