DJ Snake & Alesia

Festivals are not only a great way to interact with others who share your musical passion but, a great way to experience a plethora of new music within a short period of time. Whenever an unreleased track is played out before me, i make note in my phone to reach out to the artist about its release. While attending Holy Ship, a track containing a repetitive bird-like whistle was played by Baauer and Dillon Francis that had me snapping my neck from side to side. After a bit of an inquiry, I later discovered that DJ Snake and Alesia combined forces to create “Bird Machine” which came out today via Mad Decents Premuim Membership. This track is too fresh for words and will surely be something that many artists will throw in their sets for the next few months. Check it out and sign up for the for access to all Mad Decent/Jeffrees tracks before their release! Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Bird Machine feat. Alesia – DJ Snake


Listen: Together – DJ Snake

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