It has been a while since we’ve heard much from Sir Dillon Francis.  Today being Valentine’s Day and all, many producers are releasing something for the occasion, and Dillon is no exception.  Today, we get Dillon’s new track “Bootleg Fireworks” but with a twist, a ‘rebirth’ twist.  Dillon Francis has done this once before with his tune, “Masta Blasta” where he takes his track and makes it into a trap edit.  In my honest opinion, I think that “Masta Blasta” was a better rebirth but we’ll take what we can get from the LA producer.  “Bootleg Fireworks” is a great original on its own and I think that the rebirth might be taking away from that a little bit.  Either way, if you’re a fan of Dillon Francis then this is a must for your library because it’s only available for free download today and today only!

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