Depending on what your take on the day is, you could be doing one of a few things. With all the love in the air you may be taking this day to tuck up close to that special loved one or you may just be on the hunt for some real trill shit to swoop that ass later tonight. Either or being the case, the infamous west coast trouble maker  TRPL3 CUP has crocked up a fresh case of remixed tracks to give this day that special flavor. Though it might appear Knick put these together himself at first, that’s just not the reason we have this little doozie for y’all today. TRPL3 CUP teamed up with his special love one on these tracks to form Free Crush, a special blend of blissful music and gun toutin’ hood shit to keep your Valentine’s Day on point. Going by this triple moniker Konekta X TRPL3 CUP X DEVI  this very unique batch of remixes, only steps on the toes of only the best. Refacing tracks from Gan$ign$Dj SliinkHordes these tracks are guaranteed to get you into some rowdy shit on this ever so blissful day of Hallmark cards, cheap strippers, and Russel Stover candies. Tucked in this trill ass release we have even have a  remix of one of the most infamously remixed tracks out, TC‘s ‘Where’s My Money’, refaced an taken into a moist wonderland. Regardless it’s time to dive in and see if you’re ready for all of the purple painted dolphins dripping in gold in your near future.


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