If you tend to keep up with our exclusives you might have notice how gracious southern bass producer Strooly has been by gifting us track after track. To add to his of repertoire of kindness Strooly is debuting his latest ‘L.O.V.EP’ on this snowy Valentine’s Day (if you’re out in Colorado that is). Sewn up tight in this EP are 4 soulfully woven tracks that have slowly grown into the beautiful creations they are today. Now Strooly took us down a bit of a different path than some of you might expect but after a smooth atmospheric introduction we’re lead into the synth driven loveliness of ‘Cross Your Mind’ that’s littered with samples of Brain McKnight oh so lush voice. Soon after we’re taking a little deeper as ‘How Deep’ gears us right towards the dance floor with all the bouncing club bass before he takes it back down a notch with the closing track ‘Please U’. This EP is definitely one that will find its way into the library many of you whether it’s a single track or the whole release you’re vibing on be sure to give Strooly some love on this day of all days!

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