If you’re into the trap game and haven’t been graced by the sounds of Loudpvck yet, well, this day of love is a perfect one to start up your newest musical crush. Since the hype of trap has started, these guys have been churning out bangers that have their own unique touch to them. No wonder they’ve only gotten better and have been able to stay afloat in the game, not an easy task in this internet era where your average joe is laying down heavy trap tracks.

This song is a Valentines Day special, which is odd, as the emotion from this is pure hype. I’m always down to get as trill as possible, but with a title like “Lonely” one would assume that this is either a somber, sad serenade or maybe a triumphant breakup track. One thing is for sure, if they play this track for any chick who knows whats good, they definitely won’t have to worry about being lonely.

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