Gotta love the day of love, solely due to the fact that everyone has there sexiness on one-thousand for everything they do, and the young Jaw Jam is no exception. Honestly, this track released on Symbols Rec. is seeming like one of his best works yet, showing not only that his works are still some of the most well thought out electronic pieces around, but he can blend what he was used to doing with what he is trying to do. If you have seen Jaw Jam live, you will know his taste sits in future garage and four-on-the-floor house, and his newer works suck as the “Frontin” remix and his “Please Lockah, Don’t Hurt ‘Em” remix are moving him more towards that style. From speaking with him, he has nothing against his older down-tempo stuff, and is still down to spin it, but now with connecting both styles in his new pieces, hit DJ sets are bound to be unreal in the coming months. Enjoy this awesome  blend of trippy, sexy-swag and future trill-ness on this very special V-Day!
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