Codes is one of the few producers that, if you turn on a track without me seeing, and its his, I can recognize it after a few bars in.  This is such a rare commodity now-a-days with all the people jumping to “produce” if they purchase a laptop and some software.  But yes, there is hope.  Again, Codes delivers his unique style and continues to develop it even further with his latest release – The Get Down EP, which dropped yesterday.  Consisting of five original tracks, the overall feel of the EP is the disco and house cut vibe that Codes has made his trademark.  The title track, “Get Down” has a soaring electric bassline with an unexpected wavy drop.  “Let Me Break It” is reminiscent of something straight out of Studio 54, with that strumming guitar phase looped throughout and some wild synth slides.  Next, Codes teamed up with Flinch to produce the biggest surprise track of the release.  What starts out to be a dreamy, future-bass type track with all kinds of swirls that make you feel all pensive inside melt away fast to make room for an 808 drum assault in a pretty hard-hitting fashion.  “All The Game” is a trap edit that, thank the stars in the sky, is not as monotonous and repetitive as the bajillion trap tracks being released on a daily basis.  A cross breed of trap and harder breakbeat (closer to the wild sounds of DnB or jungle) take this track from ordinary to stamped with the Codes signature.  Lastly, the release wraps up with a lighter track that showcases the full vocals of Gotham vocalist, Carrie Wilds.  This project further explores Codes’s unique style and sound that makes him quite a force to reckon with for the future.

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Listen : The Get Down EP – Codes

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