It was surprising when I first learned that Mandorli is a producer that makes breaks, dubstep and glitch-hop.  The Austrian producer has surprised his fan base with a more chilled out remix that his previous.  I have to give S O H N a shout for this original because it’s just as good as this remix.  Mandorli gives the remix a more uplifting, unbeat feel.  Using the choppy vocals in the begining to give the remix rhythm.  The original vocals are thankfully untouched because those could stand alone and still be gold.  Mandorli describes this tune as minimal glitch-hop, that may be a tiny stretch but you can certainly hear the hi-hop beat working like a charm.  Download and enjoy!

Download: The Wheel (Mandorli Remix) – S O H N
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/51tx.mp3]

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