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Mahesa Utara


It’s no surprise that great minds think alike, and that the talented have always flocked together.  Whether it be the age of Dali and Garcia-Lorca, Plato and Socrates, appreciation can only be reached when brought to the public eye.  It seems to me that lately, in our little bubble, we only pay attention to the same names, the same sounds, that don’t branch out beyond the borders we’ve boxed them into.  But there is hope, if you look beyond.  Enter Mahesa Utara, a young producer from Jakarta, Indonesia.  We never tend to consider music outside of Europe and the Americas (sometimes barely outside of the US, sadly), but Utara is linked with some of the best producers from that end of the world, including Angger Dimas & Gianni Marino.  He started off when Seb Ingrosso of SHM played one of his tracks back in 2010 in Germany, launching moombahton is a semi-global manner.  To date, he’s stuck with his formula and sound and continues to create goodness to feed our eardrums.  The dutch house vibe he exudes incorporates Pulluvan Pattu and Riq sounding instruments and slower tempos but are still hard enough to rock any party-goer or music-lover’s world.

Listen : To The Ground ft. ButterBOX (Original Mix) – Mahesa Utara

Listen : Ravers – Mahesa Utara & Gianni Marino

Mahesa Utara on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

Corrupted Data


If you’re not familiar with moombahton, you should get familiar.  I think by now it’s understood that its the main sound that is guaranteed to put a swing in my hips, so I’m always on the hunt for something new.  After a post-Grammy’s chat with a friend in Cali who runs Subsuelo (A tropical funk, cumbia, hip-hop and flamenco event series), he suggest I check out Corrupted Data, from his side of the states.  The duo out of LA claims that they are “two dudes dicking around in the studio”, the product shows much more than that.  Now I know most of you aren’t too familiar with some of the sounds I’ve described so turn on one of their bangers and transport your mind to a place where the balmy LA breeze mixes with slowed dutch beats that are jam packed with hard drum rolls, heavy percussion and breaks (oh, and sirens, of course!) that may somehow transform you into a gitana and make you want to stomp your heels with such conviction as one.  This style seems to vere off from the moombah that we’re used to hear back East, but the strive for originality is greatly appreciated instead of discouraged.

Listen / Download : Run This! (Original Mix) – Corrupted Data

Listen / Download : SLWJ (Original Mix) – Corrupted Data

Corrupted Data on : Facebook | Twitter | SoundCloud

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