Indian Summer, a duo from Australia killed it on this new remix. To be honest, I have no idea how to categorize this tune, it’s just all over the place (which is a good thing).  You might remember the last time we posted about Indian Summer when they dropped their excellent and diverse Haunted EP.  This time around they remix Acid House producer Caseno, another Australian producer.  The first part of this tune sounds just like another acid house tune, until we get a drop in tempo into something I can’t even try to explain.  It just sound cool as fuck.  Then after another verse we get a second switch up into a post-dubstep section which ends the tune on a great note.  Grab the free download and bump this new one!

Indian Summer had to say – “Caseno are made up basically top shelf Acid house producer Harris Robotis and ex We Are Fans member Riccardo Sciarpa both from Melbourne Australia. Actually this project was a bit of an accident as Harris had never really sung before, but as one member left he stepped up and delivered such honest, pure and effortlessly cool vocals you almost call it fate!”

Download: Sebastian (Indian Summer Remix) – Caseno
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/51ty.mp3]

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