Today we have a little treat for you guys from Minneapolis producer Plot Twist. Prior to the fam over at 710 Records reaching out about featuring this track from his up and coming ‘Space Hawk EP’ I will have to admit Plot Twist had yet to come up on my radar. Churning all sorts of bass drivens tracks he comes for with a sound that slides from chilled out to trill as can be. With his ‘Space Hawk EP’ on deck with Bleep Bloop’s future bass imprint 710 on the 25th we’re glad put Plot Twist on each and everyone of your radars before it drops! Aside from originals we will also see a handful of remixes from Dank, Yheti, and Bleep Bloop himself so we are looking at a pretty stacked EP. The track we’re bringing you today, ‘Crosscheck’, will hopefully be enough of a sampling to get your ears excited for this release. Taking us on a bubbly journey out into the stars ‘Crosscheck’ is probably just what you needed to slow your weekend up a bit.

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