I vividly remember Sub.Missions four year anniversary here in Denver, Colorado, where 12th Planet and Jakes threw down two incredible sets.  Jakes, a UK dubstep artist has been a household name for the UK, but over in the U.S. he still remains to make a name for himself.  Maybe it’s the attack of brostep that has turned peoples tastes away from the true UK dubstep that still remains underground.  “Goon Toon” the first single off Jakes’ new EP Goon.  In “Goon Toon” you’ll hear what dubstep should sound like and in big ways.  Jakes has made his Goon EP available for free download on his website, find the EP HERE.

Download: Goon Toon – Jakes
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/52g3.mp3]

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