What does Protohype and Carnage have in common?  Well, they both produce bass music and both of them popped up onto the music scene in a relatively short time.  Oh yea, both of them also created this pretty amazing remix.  Protohype (pictured above), a Los Angeles producer and Carnage, an amazing producer and Chipotle addict came together to release this bass-filled yet emotional remix on Valentine’s day last week.

Carnage just released his newest house tune (“Incredible”) along-side Borgore to huge approval, while Protohype has been tearing up the states on Minnesota’s tour as of late.  The two producers decided to remix an amazing tune in the first place, I was skeptical about the result but after just one listen I was satisfied.  Royksopp’s “Running To The Sea” with vocals from Susanne Sundfor makes for an excellent original but it lacks to bass that both of these producers are known for.  So Carnage and Protohype stepped in and took this one to the next level while still preserving the emotion felt in the original.

Download: Running To The Sea (Protohype & Carnage Remix) – Royksopp
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/524r.mp3]

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