After taking a small hiatus from making beats to pursue rapping with the infamous Stones Throw Recs, Jonwayne has been back making beats and I couldn’t be happier about this. Of all of the ones he’s made since his return to the art of solely producing, this newest track “9oo” has turned out to be my absolute favorite. This dude has literally to much soul. The chords he uses are as if he spent his whole life learning jazz in a baptist church in Mississippi. This style has been seen before in some of his past tracks such as, one of my favorites Trilla G off his Bowser EP. Also, much like his “My Chain Remix” he has a very tasteful “synth solo” that would rival Herbie Hancock himself. However, this time around, he’s added the element of glitch in this, implementing some of the aspects of popular EDM today, only bringing his music to light by the haters that said… wait wheres the drop? Give it a listen, if you have a soul, you won’t be disappointed.

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