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Vitor Munhoz has been tearing up Brazilian dancefloors for more than a decade now, making a name for himself with dark, deep, funky grooves. With releases on esteemed labels such as Sick Society, My Favorite Robot, and MEXA Records in 2012 alone, it’s safe to say that he’s on his way to stardom.

Although you won’t catch his music on any main stages, the dark after-hours vibe that Vitor sets is perfect for those low-lit smokey back rooms. We were lucky enough to catch up with the young star and ask him a few questions about the music scene in Sao Paulo, his early influences, and his new releases. (He also threw us a couple exclusive tracks that are up for free download below!)

The Dankles: Hey Vitor, thanks for taking the time to sit down with us, could you give us a little background about yourself? 

Vitor Munhoz: I’m Vitor Munhoz, I’m 26 years old, and from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have been making music for at least 10 years now.

TD: Do you play any instruments?

VM: I studied piano and guitar as a kid. I have never been in a band or anything, but I enjoy playing and recording in the studio.

TD: When did you first realize that music was the career you wanted to pursue?

VM: I think it was when I was working for IBM. I was very unhappy with my job and had to start doing what I really loved.

TD: What was has been the highlight of your DJ career thus far?

VM: Hmm, I’m not sure about highlights. I’ve had some really happy moments, though, like my first gig in Europe, which was in Hamburg, for a Der Hut Label Party. I was lucky to have my father there on the same day so we could enjoy the party together.

TD: Coming out of the music mecca that is Sao Paolo, Brazil, how has the setting influenced your production style?

VM: I was influenced by a couple artists in the past such as Propulse and Dj Glen. But the Sao Paulo music scene in general never influenced my work.

TD: With such a varied production style, how would you describe your sound? Also, what is your personal appeal to the darker side of house music?

VM: It’s all about texture and experimentation. I am really attracted to dark and deep sounds for some reason.

TD: When sitting down at the studio or are up on the decks, what is the vibe you’re looking to create? What is the reaction you’re trying to get from the listeners?

VM: I have to say I am really selfish when it comes to music. I go in the studio to make music that will first please my ears. I feel very lucky to have my work appreciated by other people and to get a chance to make a living from what I like.

TD: What musicians have a large influences on your sound?

VM: My first contact with real music was listening to Pink Floyd with my father as a kid. Pink Floyd and Tool have been a huge influence on my work. As for electronic producers, Daniel Avery and Amon Tobin sure are artists that I am largely affected by.

TD: If you could collaborate with one artists dead or alive, who would it be?

VM: Aphex Twin!

TD: When you’re just kicking back, what do you like listening to?

VM: This band called Nação Zumbi is perfect for those moments.

TD: Your newest release, Black Bass on Sick Soceity Records came out last week and is one of the darkest albums I have in my library. Could you tell us a little about that project and about any upcoming releases?

VM: I am very happy with Black Bass. It was an opportunity to combine six very unique songs in one pack. There is stuff from three years ago on there like “The Iguana,” which I am very proud of. I did not get the chance to put it out there until I signed to Sick Society.

I am building a very strong EP on Frucht Records from Berlin, I advise you to keep an eye on that. There is also my upcoming EP on MEXA with my good friend Dj Glen… This one should be a blast!

TD: Who are some artists coming out of Sao Paolo that we should keep our eye on?

VM: Keep an eye on DJ Glen and Victor Ruiz. These guys will blow your mind in 2013!

TD: Do you have any upcoming shows? Any chance you’re heading to the U.S. soon?

VM: I am fixing some dates in Europe for July 2013. Really looking forward to that.

I have no scheduled gigs in the U.S. for the moment, but it would be awesome to play there this year!

Dankles rapid-fire questions:

My go-to song to revive the dance floor:

Vitor Munhoz –  “A Sesper Print”

Darkest song in my library:

Seph – “Dead End” (Igloo-Rec / 2007)

Artist/label who deserve recognition:

Habersham. This guy is insane!

Last show I went to that I didn’t play at:

Amon Tobin – ISAM live (Amsterdam).

Favorite original or remixed track:

Daniel Avery – “Water Jump” (Dimitri Veimar Remix)

Track that still blows me away every time I play it:

Rift – “Therim” (Habersham Remix)

Song I wish I never played:

I can’t remember one.

Best track to end the night with:

Rennie Foster – “Devil’s Water”

Song I wish I had made:

Tool – “Faaip de Oiad”


Vitor Munhoz on Facebook | SoundCloud

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