Crookers Snowboard Mag SIA Afterpartt

February 19th was suppose to be quite the happy day for all electronic music lovers as one of the most anticipated albums of 2013 was set to be freed into the universe, but sadly the heads of Mad Decent decided to once again push the release date back. The news might have broken the spirits of many, but fear not……because the mighty Crookers has come to save the day! He announced last week that a brand new EP would be released today on the newly created Ciao Records and has delivered the good for all to hear. Crookers new direction in music has many of us looking forward to what lies ahead and with a Kw Griff  remix of “Bring in the Katz” still unreleased after being featured in the Holy Ship!! recap video, we hope to the high heavens that this and more will be available soon for our audible pleasure. Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Giga


Listen: A Go Go

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