The M Machine

The M Machine are a trio from San Francisco that got the internet buzzing with their singles “Promise Me a Rose Garden” and “Glow,” two amazing, unique singles released under the monikerĀ Metropolis. Then a name change came with the release of their first full-length EP, and it was a breath of fresh air in the EDM world with sounds that same like they came from outer space. Metropolis, Vol. 1 was released last year on Skrillex‘s OWSLA, and we have been anxiously waiting their follow-up to this spectacular debut EP.

Now Metropolis Pt. II is here, and all the anticipation that had been building up for the pasty year didn’t prepare me for how much I was going to love this release. Immediately I was hooked upon the first song, which features Blake Hazard of The Submarines, which sounds like dubstep-infused Purity Ring. But what makes The M Machine stand apart from the competition is how diverse they can be, and they really show it on this EP. Some tracks like “Moon Song” beg to be listened to on loud speakers, with your eyes closed imagining yourself in the world of Tron with their crazy futuristic bass, while others allow you to relax and appreciate the music talent that these three have (“Tiny Anthem”). The EP closer, “Luma,” is an epic nine-minute track that is without a doubt the best we have heard from the group, that switches up from slow, mesmerizing beats to hard-hitting electro synths multiple times throughout the song. I have listened to Metropolis, Vol. 1 many, many times since its release without getting tired of it, and it appears that the follow-up to it will have the same staying power due to its diversity and precise production.

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