812822_10151348030644197_1753413759_oBlack Tiger Sex Machine reached 10K fans the other day (Congrats!) and released the freebie track “Midnight Violence” as a token of their appreciation.  The heavy electro track fits right in with their darker signature style that they have always exuded since the conception of production trio-ness.  The intro and build is simple with tiny key strokes of the piano and synth riffs that sound like they should be in the background of a scary movie, when an attractive female is running away from some sort of nightly predator.  Then the assault of heavy bass and swirling synths (which to me, sound reminiscent of Zedd) would provide the sound for the attack scene.  This eclectic group has a lot in store for 2013, including one of the most interesting videos around, sure to shock some, and we can’t wait.

Listen / Download : Midnight Violence – Black Tiger Sex Machine

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