Y’all know what day of the week it is and I’m sure a good lot of you are getting down already. Even if you’re just getting your Tuesday started this is just what you need to clear that crust from your eyes as you twist up, pack up, or dunk down on that first hit of the day. If you’re a frequent viewer then Taso should by no means be a new name on your radar, as we just featured the ‘Draped Up EP’ that was choke full of trill bass knockin’ remixes along with feature after feature in our weekly Twerkin’ Trap Tuesday post. Today Muti Music has finally debuted his much anticipated ‘Off Top EP’ and I don’t even know if you guys are ready for what he has bundled up in this release. With a full batch of originals and a completely nuts remix of Yheti’s ‘Crack the Window’ this shit right here would get a room full of nuns twerkin’ it right and well. Below are a few flavors Muti has shared with us via their SoundCloud last night, and incase you missed that latest EP we brought you from Taso we slid that in there too!

Buy the ‘Off Top’ EP via Additech


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