It’s the dead middle of Winter, the snow keeps pilling up, and my heating bill is a bit outrageous, but here’s one small morsel  of goodness to remind you that Summer isn’t that far off.  California producer, Viceroy, is back with the fifth installment of his “Jet Life” series.  If you’re familiar with Viceroy then you know what this is all about, if not, then dig in!  Viceroy is known for his sunkissed summery house vibes that will beat even the coldest of winters.  Find all five “Jet Life” installments right HERE.

Viceroy’s patented “Summertime, All The Time” genre headings on SoundCloud matches the vibe on each track to a tee.  In Viceroy’s newest, we have the mother of all Jet Life’s remixes, a Montell Jordan remix.  Unless you’re from some sketchy far Eastern European nation, you know all about “This Is How We Do It”.  While it’s been a while since Montell’s song has seen life, Viceroy gives the track a rebirth.  Download this one, open all the windows in your house or apartment and blast this as loud as possible, everyone around you will be happy you did (hopefully).

Download: This Is How We Do It (Viceroy Remix) – Montell Jordan

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