Raf RileyWhen one thinks of who produces the beats for many hip-hop/rap’s biggest artists, names like Swiss Beats, Dr. Dre, Bangladesh, and Dj Khaled come to mind having been in the game for  years. But a new generation of producers are coming out of the wood work now a days with many creating music dabbling in the trap. London producer Raf Riley is apart of said group having delivered one of the best remixes to Usher and Diplo’s “Climax” banger last year. He recently released a EP titled “Now That’s What I Call Gangster Beats!!” with the name saying everything you need to know. We’ve heard a few of these tracks in mixes or live from artists lately and now they can be yours for the low price of FREE99! Enjoy mes Amis

Download: Now That’s What I Call Gangster Beats!!

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