Dirtybird Players Vol. 1

Justin Martin might just be one of the nicest people you’d ever meet on God’s green earth as we’ve yet to see him without a smile on his face while performing or just hanging out. Being a pivotal part of one of the hottest record labels in all the land has seen him and the rest of the Dirtybird crew (Claude VonStoke, J.Phlip, Leroy Peppers, Worthy) included in a plethora of upcoming shows and events that has our staff scrambling to try and catch at least one of them near our regions. In the meantime, the label looks set to drop a two part compilation featuring various artists within the Dirtybird friendship circle. This track is a straight up rump shaking banger between Justin and Ardalan and will be featured on part one of the compilation. If you like what you hear, then check out the rest of tracks below and be sure to grab both compilations on BeatPort in March! Enjoy mes Amis

Listen: Wheelgunner (Dub) – Justin Martin and Ardalan
[audio http://dl.soundowl.com/537b.mp3]

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Dirtybird Players Part 1 Tracklist:

*Available on Beatport: 2/27/13
**Available Worldwide: 3/12/13

Dirtybird Players Part 2 Tracklist:

*Available on Beatport: 3/13/13
*Available Worldwide: 3/26/13

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