As if the year didn’t start off with enough of a bang already, midwest electrosoul producer Artifakts just churned out a stellar remix of the arguable anthem of 2013, Trinidad James’ ‘All Gold Everything’. Being that you are all probably dripping in gold now as it is it’s time to cool down all that heat on your persons with this kicked back remix from Artifakts. If you’re countin’ those franklins; strapped with 1 gold watch, 2 gold chains, 6 gold rings then this is just what you need to unwind tonight. Now if those are some things a little out of your price range you’ll enjoy this leaned back chilled out remix regardless; sweatin’ or not. Swoop the free download by showing the homie some love on his Facebook and you’re gonna just as hooked on this track as we have been lately. OH and don’t miss that little added treat I slid in there for y’all as well!


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